Who are we?

We are a production company
based in Slovenia.

Where ideas grow into stories.

Based in Slovenia, one of the most appealing locations in Europe. Small, simple, affordable, diverse with huge variety of locations. We are an independent full service production company. We run on big ideas, demanding projects and challenging executions and we never tire. Our passion keeps us going and going. That’s why, since 1994, we have successfully worked with many major European production companies, produced and serviced over 1000 commercials and over 20 feature and short films.

For our effort, we were awarded with many international awards and accolades, including the Cannes Lion, Berlin Golden Bear, European Grand Prix, just to name a few. But we don’t let them get into our heads. We just consider them as energy bars that help us run that extra mile further than the others. We continuously strive for better, bigger and more effective. Pioneer spirit. Youthful ease. Bold dreams.

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